Dr Kim Love

Kim Love is the LISA 2020 Program Monitoring Specialist. She is also a private statistical collaborator from Athens, Georgia, USA. She is a member of the American Statistical Association (ASA) and is an active leader in the ASA Section on Statistical Consulting, as well as an Elected Member of the International Statistical Institute (ISI). She holds a PhD in Statistics from Virginia Tech, and a BA in Mathematics from the University of Virginia; she has been an active statistical collaborator for over 15 years.




Data Science


Machine Learning

Health Sciences

Natural Resources and Agriculture


Her statistical expertise includes regression and linear models, categorical data, generalized linear models, mixed effects models, nonlinear models, repeated measures, and experimental design; her areas of specialization include nursing and health sciences, as well as forestry, natural resources, and agricultural sciences. Beyond her work with the LISA 2020 Network, her professional mission is to improve researchers’ relationships with statistics and data science through education and individual collaboration.

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